Live Shows

March 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27, 2022 (showtimes to follow)

The Icehouse – Bethlehem, PA

check the crowded kitchen players website for upcoming details

The Rising:
The Irish Rebellion of 1916 in Song and Verse

“In 1916, a small but committed band of 1,600 Irish patriots staged a six-day fight for independence from British rule. Although the Irish fought valiantly, they were outnumbered 12 to 1 and lost the battle within a week. The incident is often called the “Easter Rising” because it started the Monday after the Christian holiday. Although the term is vaguely familiar, the details may be foggy, even to those of us who claim Irish branches in our family tree. In this deeply researched piece, playwright Ara Barlieb weaves together stories he gathered from historic letters, newspapers, poems, and songs and arranged them as if they were conversations between the rebels and their loved ones. The stories and poems are laced together with half a dozen songs performed by The Electric Farm guitarist and songwriter Joey Mutis. His fine, gentle renditions of songs like “The Foggy Dew” and “The Parting Glass” are nothing like the rousing Chieftain style we’re accustomed to. Instead, Mutis brings out the tender and tragic side of music that’s integral to the telling of this sad but stirring tale.”
—Kathy McAuley from a preview performance in 2020 (before Covid shut down the theater)

Friday, April 15, 2022

Godfrey Daniels — call or check website to confirm showtime and ticket info

The Electric Farm

The Electric Farm is taking soft pop into a folky space rock situation—garnering comparisons to the hypnotic atmospheric sounds of Nick Drake, raw heartfelt emotion of Neil Young, and quirky storytelling of Ray Davies (The Kinks). Songs from their most recent album UNGLUED are dreamy—and at times haunting and dark, yet hopeful.

The storytelling of singer-songwriter Joey Mutis has been described as evocative, and recognized by radio stations including WDIY, WXPN, and WNTI. “His gentle presence and high, wavering voice makes him sound fragile at times, while at other times, his fluid guitar work gives him a power-pop sound,” says Dave Howell in Lehigh Valley Press.

Their song “Man of the Town” was a favorite of Philly folk icon Gene Shay. Several other songs have been featured in television (Happy Endings, One Tree Hill, Numb3rs) and film (Drive Me Crazy).

Listen to WDIY interviews with Joey and to their album UNGLUED.

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