The Electric Farm

farm header photoFor more than 20 years, Lehigh Valley audiences and beyond have followed The Electric Farm at venues including Musikfest, Godfrey Daniels, Sellersville Theatre, World Cafe, and the storied CBGB.

Singer-songwriter Joey Mutis III, who regional press called “an exceptional songwriting talent (with a) gift for evoking feelings and moods,” has garnered more than a few comparisons to Nick Drake. While the music definitely evokes a quiet style of artists like Drake—there is a broad spectrum of sounds evident, ranging from the clear influence of The Kinks and Neil Young to Brazillian and jazz colorings.

Their self-titled third album was the most played CD by a local artist on WDIY, the Lehigh Valley’s community NPR station. Songs off that CD include “Unspoken Love,” showcased on the CBS drama NUMB3RS and “Man of the Town,” a favorite of Philly folk icon Gene Shay.

“Man of the Town” previously appeared on the PHILADELPHIA PHAST PHOLKS CD compilation from Fast Folk Magazine, a New York-based talent antenna that was the first to record such music notables as Suzanne Vega and John Gorka. The band was later selected to perform in the Tri-Centric Showcase and another hosted by Shay at the 2007 NERFA (Northeast Regional Folk Alliance) conferance.

Several other songs are featured in television and film, including “Thinkin ‘Bout My Friend” (season premiere of Fox’s DRIVE); “Lookin” (WHERE LEGENDS ARE MADE—a local documentary on Godfrey Daniels); “Wild River” (indie film SPEARFISH); and “Shabby Girl” (ONE TREE HILL Season One; 20th Century Fox movie DRIVE ME CRAZY).

Earlier albums:  BOOMSCHLANG VIPER STORY ranked #1 on the CMJ charts (WNTI in Hackettstown, NJ); SIX was among “Top Philly Band Picks” by WXPN Program Director, Bruce Warren.

Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Famer Peter Buck of REM played mandolin on early demos recorded by the band at John Keane’s studio in Athens, Georgia.  Keane, known for his work with Billy Bragg, Vic Chestnut and others, played pedal steel on a few tracks.

The Electric Farm’s soon-to-be-released album UNGLUED expands on space rock elements in both atmosphere and lyrics, most notably on tracks such as Counting Stars” and “ Down.”  All the songs on UNGLUED follow a conceptual trajectory that captures the imagination of youth and dream-like experiences viewed through a retrospective lens.

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“A listener who enters the ‘Farm’ will find  a highly developed melodic sense and an ability  to create intriguing lyrics,”  Acoustic Live!